get back in the gym

get back in the gym

get back to
what works

Your health and fitness have never been more important than right now. It's time to renew your pledge to yourself and get back to a true fitness routine that works.

the facts

fitness starts at home, but it doesn’t have to stay there

The pandemic interrupted our routines, altering schedules to include more work-from-home responsibilities with more distractions than ever. We've been separated from the people and activities we love and that includes our local fitness community. 

Showing up for ourselves can be really hard, and in overloaded and anxious lives, the excuses to skip the home workout, or to not give it 110% are everywhere. As Manitoba's gyms and studios have safely reopened, your commitment to fitness doesn't have to stay home alone any longer.

There's no motivation greater than exciting, fresh and personalized routines by a certified trainer to keep you motivated; no inspiration like your fitness-family cheering you on; nothing holding you more accountable than your local membership; nothing like a variety of professional equipment that can accommodate your progress; and nothing like leaving all distractions at the door so you can get into the zone … back to what truly works.

the truth

you can get back... and you know it

It can be intimidating if you've lost some (or most!) of your fitness conditioning, You may not be picking up exactly where you left off and that's perfectly OK. 

Success comes from perseverance and the willingness to succeed. You’ve been there before. You’ve done this already. You can (and will!) get back ... and you know it.

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the reality

you don't have to do this alone

Nothing keeps you accountable like the people you train with - your fitness family - the ones who inspire you are also inspired by you. Showing up for you means showing up for them, too. You're not in this alone - we're in this together.

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local membership

show up for you. show up for your community.

Your local fitness facilites are the best places to develop a healthy routine.

Healthy, safe and fit forward

Manitoba fitness facilities partner with

Clean It Right

to ensure every space is clean and safe.

anxiety and distractions are left at the door

Nothing compares to the feeling of truly being in the zone.

the right people. the right support.

Access to equipment, knowledge and refreshing routines from experts who know you.

local Membership strenghtens our community

Committing to local membership keeps our community strong, healthy and vibrant.


what's holding you back?

Is it safe to go back to my fitness centre?

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Is my membership secure?

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Are there virtual or hybrid options?

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Fresh, exciting routines

You deserve to be challenged, excited and energized by your fitness program.

consistency &

Your fit-famlily members inspire you, and are also inspired by you. We're in this together.

better workouts. better results.

Dedicated fitness professionals who know you, your goals, and when you surpass them.


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